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Why Choose Soleran?

Developed alongside healthcare facility directors and business professionals, 400+ hospitals use Soleran integrated compliance and 800+ businesses use our apps. Streamline your business with Soleran’s proven track record of success.

The Soleran Difference

The only provider of Integrated Compliance Management software

The only fully integrated compliance management tool for healthcare, Soleran developed Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) to directly address the needs of compliance personnel. By using all six suites through Soleran Healthcare, you can do more, with more, for less.

Soleran helps you:

Lower operating costs

Optimize resources

Increase efficiencies

Reduce data entry

Streamline facility management

Manage from a
single platform

Avoid confusing platform linking

Easily keep everyone on the same page

A Proven Record of Excellence

Hospitals using Soleran healthcare solutions

Johns Hopkins Hospital


Children's Hospital

Work Orders

Barnes-Jewish Hospital


Hurley Medical Center


New England Hospital
Sparrow Health

Quality Customer Service

A support team who understands your needs

We don't just do software. We walk alongside you to make sure you get the most out of your investment from support to consulting, implementation, and managed services, with an outstanding live support team available for all your tech questions.

A woman and man looking at an application on phone smiling, discussing the display.

About Soleran

A reputation for saving time, money, and lives

Dedicated to developing intuitive, enterprising applications that save our customers time, money, and countless lives through improved, streamlined compliance since 2004. Soleran now leads the healthcare industry with the market's only comprehensive integrated compliance management system.

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Expert Partnerships

Skilled, forward-thinking partners

We seek out mutually collaborative relationships with organizations who share our core values, innovate new products, improve our clients’ competitive advantage, and keep you on the cutting edge of life safety & compliance.


Life safety & emergency management experts focused on reducing the stresses of accreditation compliance. CIHQ has an award-winning hospital accreditation program and professional certification program (HACP). They offer two professional certifications to demonstrate your expertise in accreditation and regulatory compliance.

Barrier technologies logo

Barrier Technologies

Experienced construction professionals specializing in all aspects of rated barriers for both new and existing facilities. Our extensive health care experience provides you with resources to ensure your barriers are compliant while keeping patients first.

Medical Compliance Team

Medical Compliance Team specializes Life Safety Compliance Consulting. Jeff Lehmann BS, CHFM, CHEM, CHSP, CFPE, CFI, CHEPP is a Former Joint Commission Surveyor (8 years), AAAHC Surveyor (9 years) police officer and paramedic. Medical Compliance Team can help manage your life safety program, conduct surveys, assist with Plan of Corrections, conduct risk assessments, update life safety drawings and assist with Plan Review. Jeff and his team are detail oriented.

How clients reimagine compliance

"When I leave the unit, I’m done. There is really nothing else you need to do. Time saved is at least 20 hours a week just doing reports."

Johns Hopkins Hospital

How clients reimagine compliance

"We believe we'll have fewer deficiencies for The Joint Commission! It's made the hospital safer. It used to take days to gather info for JC, now it takes seconds to find the date, locations and status!"

Texas Children's Hospital

How clients reimagine compliance

"The idea is to do proactive maintenance instead of reactive. It wasn't possible before Soleran to the degree we needed."

Hurley Medical Center

How clients reimagine compliance

"Now findings can be seen by the manager in real-time and corrected on the spot or on the same day of the finding."

Johns Hopkins Hospital

How clients reimagine compliance

"We have been using Soleran Healthcare for several years now and it is an essential part of our safety program."

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

How clients reimagine compliance

"I think Soleran Healthcare is the software of the future. I love how the software can give you an realistic view of how your facility is performing."

Children's Medical Center Dallas

How clients reimagine compliance

"It has enabled us to track and trend environment of care concerns across all our hospital campuses."

Texas Children's Hospital

Ready to reimagine your compliance?

Save time & resources with Soleran Integrated Compliance Management.

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