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About Soleran

Leading the charge with a proprietary platform to save time, money, and especially lives with a reputation built on developing intuitive, enterprising solutions with excellent customer service. We’re dedicated to the betterment of our partners, employees, and community within the emerging ICM industry.

A History of Service

The Soleran Story

Soleran started in Kansas City in 2004 providing CRM, ERP, and custom software development solutions to a wide range of organizations. Nearly a decade ago, an existing client came to Soleran with a need for a healthcare solution application involving the removal of the paper process. This began Soleran's next chapter.

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Making healthcare better, one report at a time

For every hour they were in the field, it took four hours in the office to produce a report. Multiple reports would take months to complete. To help, Soleran created a mobile application to help the client. With this solution the client could take a picture of the issue, upload it to the platform, and connect it back to the database, helping them completely streamline their process. What used to take months to complete now only took hours. As the client was using the application in hospitals around the country, they started getting requests for the software. Soleran's emeditrack (healthcare solution) was born.

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Soleran Today

Allowing hospitals to maintain safe, compliant, and efficient facilities

For almost ten years, emeditrack, now Soleran Healthcare, has been the flagship product. Soleran's healthcare platform provides the ability to automate the current process and allow hospitals to maintain safe, compliant, and efficient facilities. Soleran's solutions are developed by former surveyors, facility directors, and industry experts with most of the newest solutions coming from their current client base.

Soleran has been dedicated to providing solutions to healthcare, which has expanded to over 100 applications and is being utilized in over 400 hospitals and healthcare facilities across 26 states nationwide. Soleran now leads the healthcare industry in the market's only comprehensive, fully-integrated compliance management system.

Soleran Today

A culture of service

Our mission? Empowering a culture of service by passionately using innovation coupled with technology to increase the well-being, safety, and efficiency of our community


At Soleran, we are the model for Integrated Compliance Management (ICM). Leading the charge with our proprietary platform to ultimately save time, money, and especially lives. Our reputation is built on developing intuitive, enterprising solutions with excellent customer service. We dedicate ourselves to the betterment of our partners, employees, and community within the emerging ICM industry.


  • Service
    People matter most

  • Integrity
    Standing behind every solution we offer

  • Innovation
    Pioneering the cutting edge of integrated compliance management

  • Collaboration
    Working alongside our partners to deliver an ecosystem of integrated solutions for facilities

  • Efficiency
    Driving what we do

  • Excellence
    Striving to be the best

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Careers at Soleran

Soleran prides itself on its culture of service and excellence while maintaining a "family feel". We are always looking for top talent. Learn more about our latest opportunities.

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