Reimagine Facility Compliance

Integrated Compliance Management

The ICM operations platform seamlessly combines multiple compliance solutions into one. Reap the benefits of increased efficiencies and decreased system cost with more robust reporting and the clarity that transparent, highly accurate data provides.

What is ICM?

6 steps to reimagined facility compliance

Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) is an operations platform designed specifically for regulatory facility compliance.

Offers cloud-based solutions for all regulatory facility compliance needs

Connects and shares information across all ICM applications.

Documents efficiencies and demonstrates decreases in operational costs

Offers meaningful reporting beneficial to the overall organization

Stores data centrally

Accounts for independent facility operational processes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need ICM?

The complexities of a facility’s operations and costs associated with them are growing rapidly. Facility management is being asked to do more with less, sometimes much more.

With an Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) system, you can do more, with more, for less. It's so much more than just a CMMS. An Integrated Compliance Management system covers each area of the environment for ultimate efficiency. You’ll never be caught off guard again.

Integrated Compliance Management helps you:

Lower operating costs

Optimize resources

Increase efficiencies

Reduce data entry

Streamline facility management

Manage from a
single platform

Avoid confusing platform linking

Easily keep everyone on the same page

Integrated Compliance Management diagram with health suites displayed

Know what’s happening

  • Validate work in a moment with the push of a button

  • Have systemized control over data for your entire environment from automated workflows to asset management to instant reporting

  • Know what’s happening in every department in real-time

Be more productive

  • Soleran Healthcare saved Johns Hopkins 20+ hours a week on reporting alone

  • With one platform versus multiple, disparate systems, your team can easily automate processes with minimal data re-entry

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ICM for?

An Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) system is for any business or organization, large or small, needing to manage multiple facets of regulatory compliance under one umbrella.
Check out these case studies exploring how ICM is used in healthcare!

John Hopkins Hospital
Johns Hopkins Hospital
AdventHealth System
Barnes Jewish Hospital
Hurley Medical Center
Hurley Medical Center
Johns Hopkinds logo
Oregon Health and Science University logo
Children's Mercy logo
AdventHealth logo
Saint Luke's Hospital logo
Orlando Health
Tufts Medical Center logo
Texas Children's Hospital logo

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

“When I leave the unit, I’m done. There is really nothing else you need to do. Time saved is at least 20 hours a week just doing reports.”

Johns Hopkins Hospital

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

"We believe we'll have fewer deficiencies for The Joint Commission! It's made the hospital safer. It used to take days to gather info for JC, now it takes seconds to find the date, locations and status!"

Texas Children's Hospital

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

"Now findings can be seen by the manager in real-time and corrected on the spot or on the same day of the finding."

Johns Hopkins Hospital

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

"The idea is to do proactive maintenance instead of reactive. It wasn't possible before Soleran to the degree we needed."

Hurley Medical Center

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