Healthcare Compliance Management

Project Manager Suite

Overseeing every step of your project management process from start to finish, Soleran's Project Manager Suite includes 5 applications that will streamline your project planning and execution.

Project planning just got easier

Closing the loop on a project is simple with Soleran's integrated processes, automated workflows, and easy-to-use electronic approvals and assessments.

Generate reports and documentation

Move projects along efficiently and with less data entry

Assess your hospital's project risk

Automatically generate ILSMs and route deficiencies

Customize dashboards to support process improvement

Project Manager icon

Complete construction management

Manage every detail of your next construction project with automated processes and workflows.

  • Create projects and enter milestones/tasks

  • Complete projects through invoices and purchase orders

  • Determine risk for any project & manage it with daily monitors through completion

Up to date & easy to access life safety drawings

Upload all your life safety drawings in one complete and searchable database.

  • Update drawings as they are refreshed for up to the minute accuracy

  • Place assets on the drawings and "mark them up" with notes, annotations, drawing marks, and more

  • Invite someone else to view a drawing with you and mark-up together

About Soleran

A proven track record of serving business

With over 800 businesses streamlined, cloud-based reporting and analytics, Soleran allows your company to do more with less & outsmart the competition.

Why Do I Need ICM?

Lower operating costs & optimize your resources

Soleran's Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) platform helps you lower operating costs, optimize your resources, and increase efficiencies.

Ready to reimagine your compliance?

Save time & resources with Soleran Integrated Compliance Management

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