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Upgrading your Preventative Maintenance Program

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Facility directors today are wondering what to do with their current and already outdated PM program. Over the last few years, preventative maintenance has evolved so much that every program keeps requiring more and more. Demands have progressed to the point they are not only being used for PM scheduling and regulatory compliance, but they are also being utilized for financial projections, staff performance, and asset longevity projections. 

The already outdated programs only provide basic functions, like asset and task management. Nothing else. Additionally, another concern and misconception for facilities directors is that they are stuck with their current program because they believe they will have to build a completely new asset base. But that’s not true. 

At Soleran, we utilize a proprietary software platform to help integrate your current PM program with ours. After the integration, we provide a check and balance to the program by matching assets from your current program to ours. What makes our program unique is once the integration occurs, we have already auto-populated the tasks for you per asset. This not only accelerates the transition process, but it also minimizes the amount of time you input data. 

We specialize in providing the most up-to-date software solutions, so you don’t have to worry about outdated PM programs. Soleran focuses on ensuring your program will meet the industry needs in the present and in the future. Having the ability to keep with current trends will ensure you will always have a program that will work with your internal IT platform. 

Another area of concern is the issue of cybersecurity, more specifically ransomware. Soleran stays on the cutting edge of this area by utilizing 18 different locations to backup your data. What that means is, if one backup location becomes corrupted, we still have 17 other server locations to use and recall information. We understand the need of making sure your data is as safe as possible and we take this very seriously. 

I recommend you start looking at your aging PM program and give us the chance to show you the reason why we are the industry leaders in the area of compliance and integrations. Utilizing our programs will help you minimize the time you currently spend with your aging program. Not only will our software platform be more efficient, but it will also automate information for you. No more drilling down through large amounts of data to calculate those figures and projections.  

We would love to show you our other healthcare solutions built specifically for facilities. I promise you not only will you be impressed by our products, but you will also immediately identify areas that your current PM program is failing to provide the information you need. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to provide a demo of our solutions and answer any questions.

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