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Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Barnes-Jewish Hospital chose Soleran's Rounding solution due to its ease of use and wide range of automation tools. With this powerful rounding solutions, they were able to cut down the labor hours spent on Environment of Care rounds and significantly shorten the lifespan of open deficiencies.

Barnes- Jewish Hospital

Barnes-Jewish Hospital


Barnes-Jewish Hospital is one of the largest health care organizations in the United States. Their mission is to improve the health and well being of their communities through leadership, education, innovation and excellence in medicine. Their system operates over 50 locations throughout Missouri and Illinois.

BJH chose Soleran's Rounding solution due to its ease of use and wide range of automation tools. With this powerful rounding solutions, they were able to cut down the labor hours spent on Environment of Care rounds and significantly shorten the lifespan of open deficiencies.

The challenge

Barnes-Jewish Hospital employ’s nearly 10,000 employees across numerous departments. Prior to emeditrack their paper based process led to accountability issues. With no particular group or department in charge of EOC Tours, extensive man hours were spent determining the schedule of rounds, printing documents and getting the appropriate team to show up. As a result many areas were overlooked or delayed each year.

Quote from Hans Trefny, Manager at Barns-Jewish Hospital about Soleran's tools

The hospital shined when it came to the actual tour process. Their teams were knowledgeable and conducted a thorough inspection of each area. Any findings were diligently recorded to provide valuable information to the department director.  

The frustrations returned when it came to closing the loop. Each round required multiple hours per day to compile paper checklists into a single spreadsheet, send deficiency emails to the appropriate parties and generate work orders. Once this tiresome process was complete, they realized it was impossible to monitor whether deficiencies were ever closed out.

How Barnes-Jewish reimagined compliance

Upon a thorough evaluation of multiple software solutions, Barnes-Jewish Hospital chose Soleran's system. The flexibility of the rounding solution allowed BJH to focus on areas of improvement through automation while the software adapted to their strengths.

From Paper to Mobile
Prior to the transition, all documentation was printed, compiled and stored in binders.  With Soleran's system BJH now only has to worry about the team showing up for a tour. Once assembled, the team has access to their discipline specific questions and numerous features to track comments, readings or photos on any mobile device. With around 250 tours completed this year, it was estimated that the transition to mobile solution eliminated at least 6 hours of work each week to prepare documents and reports.  But the benefits did not stop at time savings, BJH now had access to more reporting tools and metrics that were updated in real-time.  Since the implementation, countless other processes have reduced labor hours as the electronic solution automatically manages accreditation, dashboards and notifications.

Closing the Loop
Once Soleran's system went live, BJH quickly realized that better process management and reduced labor hours were just the beginning. Soleran’s tools come with unlimited users, every individual has access to the same tools to improve performance but with permissions that suit their level of responsibility.

Now when a tour was completed, the team at BJH did not need to spend time aggregating checklists, sending emails and following up with departments. The responsible party for a deficiency only has to click a button in their email to access and close out a deficiency. If the deficiency was not completed by the deadline, Soleran's system would escalate the record and send notifications to an escalation contact.

Soleran in action

Pay for performance and reimbursement uncertainty requires hospitals to do more with less. Every facility faces limited resources and improving performance indicators is a top priority. For Barnes Jewish, Soleran's system is an essential tool to reduce inefficiency and eliminate repetition.

Employees jobs become easier as they navigate a powerful, yet intuitive mobile app. Because ease of use and flexibility means Soleran's system can be deployed in multiple departments, address multiple processes and be customized for unique processes in a matter of weeks.

Quote from Hans Trefny, Manager at Barns-Jewish Hospital

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How clients reimagine compliance

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