Healthcare Compliance Management

The future of healthcare facility management

Developed alongside healthcare facility directors, over 400 hospitals strong are using Soleran integrated compliance management solutions. Streamlining your compliance, processes, and analytics leads to create greater efficiencies and a safer environment.

Why Soleran?

Save time. Save money. Save lives.

Soleran's full Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) platform of connected suites "talk" to each other offering streamlined processes, actionable insights, and robust reporting all leading to greater efficiencies and a safer environment.

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The leading healthcare facility compliance solution

Choose an individual suite or use the full integrated compliance management system with all six suites to help lower operating costs, optimize your resources, and increase efficiencies.

Work Orders Suite

Not your typical CMMS. Web, mobile, and portal-based work order requests, scheduling asset maintenance and events, documenting risk scoring methodologies, and more.

Rounding Suite

Take the administrative burden off yourself and let the system automate your physical environment tour process from documentation to closing the loop.

Vendor Manager Suite

Designed to manage communication with vendors and contractors with automatic approvals and credentialing management.

Permit Manager Suite

Your complete tool for managing permit request and approval process both internally and with your vendors.

Project Manager Suite

Closing the loop is simple with integrated processes, automated workflows, and electronic approvals and assessments.

Safety Manager Suite

Stays on top of every aspect of your facility's security and risk needs with automatic officer rounding and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I implement one suite or use all six?

By using all six suites through Soleran's Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) system, you can do more, with more, for less.
Gain the benefits of fully integrated tools within a single platform versus purchasing multiple, disparate systems.

Using Integrated Compliance Management helps you:

Lower operating costs

Optimize resources

Increase efficiencies

Reduce data entry

Streamline facility management

Manage from a
single platform

Avoid confusing platform linking

Easily keep everyone on the same page

A Proven Record of Excellence

Hospitals using Soleran healthcare solutions

John Hopkins Hospital
Johns Hopkins Hospital
AdventHealth System
Barnes Jewish Hospital
Hurley Medical Center
Hurley Medical Center
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Oregon Health and Science University logo
Children's Mercy logo
AdventHealth logo
Hurley Medical Center logo
Orlando Health
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Hendrick Health logo
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AdventHealth logo
Johns Hopkinds logo
Oregon Health and Science University logo
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How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

“When I leave the unit, I’m done. There is really nothing else you need to do. Time saved is at least 20 hours a week just doing reports.”

Johns Hopkins Hospital

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

"We believe we'll have fewer deficiencies for The Joint Commission! It's made the hospital safer. It used to take days to gather info for JC, now it takes seconds to find the date, locations and status!"

Texas Children's Hospital

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

"Now findings can be seen by the manager in real-time and corrected on the spot or on the same day of the finding."

Johns Hopkins Hospital

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

"The idea is to do proactive maintenance instead of reactive. It wasn't possible before Soleran to the degree we needed."

Hurley Medical Center

Ready to transform your compliance?

Save time & resources with Soleran Integrated Compliance Management.

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