Healthcare Compliance Management

Work Orders Suite

The most robust, comprehensive, and configurable work order system (CMMS) available in the healthcare industry. Includes 5 applications designed from the ground up by facility directors and surveyors to provide compliance-centric healthcare solutions.

Now with Capital Planning Manager!
Now with Capital Planning Manager!

Not Your Typical CMMS

Unlike other systems that were designed for one purpose, Soleran's Work Orders Suite has all the traditional functions of a CMMS with a world of expanded capabilities and a robust mobile app to keep techs moving.

Make web, mobile, and portal-based work order requests

Schedule asset maintenance and events

Easily manage and schedule rounds and anti-ligature assessments

Attach documents and photos

Document complex or simple risk scoring methodologies

Associate Standards, manufacturer/model, and literally any other asset info you need

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Control every detail

Take complete control of your tasks, inspections, corrective and preventative maintenance, and planned events with automation.

  • Control at a granular level the permissions to data, fields, and functions any role has

  • Automate contract renewals and labor time

  • Create reports on any work order, asset, maintenance, labor, and more

  • Improve efficiency with limitless analytics

  • Write on any map of any area/floor plan

Efficiently close out work orders

Once a work order is submitted, we'll handle the rest. Our automated workflows and processes allow you to stop paper-pushing and get you back to doing what you were hired to do. 

  • Mass update anything in the system

  • Auto-assign work orders by type, classification, area, or any other factor

  • Tickets and notifications route automatically to the appropriate party

  • Automate reminders and escalations

About Soleran

A proven track record of serving business

With over 800 businesses streamlined, cloud-based reporting and analytics, Soleran allows your company to do more with less & outsmart the competition.

Why Do I Need ICM?

Lower operating costs & optimize your resources

Soleran's Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) platform helps you lower operating costs, optimize your resources, and increase efficiencies.

Ready to reimagine your compliance?

Save time & resources with Soleran Integrated Compliance Management

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