Healthcare Compliance Management

Manager Suite

Assessing risk and the execution of risk mitigation has never been easier. Automated reminders keep the project team in the loop by combining 4 applications that manage every aspect of risk and incidents.

Enhance your security & risk awareness

The complete Safety Manager Suite manages and stays on top of every aspect of your facility's safety, security and risk needs.

Manage officer rounds with ease

Receive instant access to detailed incident reports through the incident log for administrators and dispatchers

Assess risk and risk mitigation execution by utilizing our Security Vulnerability Assessment

Stay on top of required fire drills

Security Manager icon

Automate officer rounding & track incidents with ease

Manage officer rounds with ease to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Quickly and easily log daily rounds to minimize risks

  • Officer checkpoint logging

  • Scan QR codes at each checkpoint during rounds

  • Utilize on-the-go mobile incident reporting & automatically route incident notifications

Cover every last fire-related detail

Automatically schedule your fire drills. Set it up once and let the schedule run.

  • Select the appropriate type of fire notification area

  • Create a 10-day window to conduct the drill during the appropriate shift for the correct area

  • Create fire incident reports to track real fires & false alarms.

  • Electronically track fire watches to completion.

About Soleran

A proven track record of serving business

With over 800 businesses streamlined, cloud-based reporting and analytics, Soleran allows your company to do more with less & outsmart the competition.

Why Do I Need ICM?

Lower operating costs & optimize your resources

Soleran's Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) platform helps you lower operating costs, optimize your resources, and increase efficiencies.

Ready to reimagine your compliance?

Save time & resources with Soleran Integrated Compliance Management

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