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Stories of Impact: A Soleran Cares Update

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Over a year ago, Soleran began its own philanthropy, Soleran Cares. The root of that endeavor is years of poverty charity work by one of our owners. At Soleran, we want to be thoughtful in how we approach every problem - at work and beyond. An internal philosophy we live out with our clients is “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” We believe in best practices. The same can be said for charitable causes. With our best practices in consulting and software, we try to remain impactful and intentional. In the case of charity work, we need to be mindful of what we do to help. Soleran is deeply committed to understanding how to do charity well, particularly how it relates to poverty. It has captured the heart of our company. 

The concept of “teach a man to fish” is rooted in the philosophy of helping an individual become self-sustainable. In the case of poverty, job creation transforms communities. It is quite literally the key to self-sustaining communities. Jobs beget jobs and the need for handouts goes away. 

With this job creation model, all non-profits, if doing their charity work in this fashion, should perpetually be working themselves out of a job in a community. After a period of time, the non-profit should leave the area because skills, jobs, and infrastructure abounds in that region. Then the non-profit moves on to the next community and the next. If the model is to stay in that community indefinitely, the community is not transformed. It is dependent. This trail of fundamental impact from beginning to end is:

  1. Using thoughtful best practices
  2. Learn to manage themselves
  3. Helping them learn to help themselves

This is the beginning of a new, healthier community full of dignity and independence.

Since our philanthropy’s inception, Soleran Cares teamed up with four non-profit organizations that are living out this new model for charity work. One of the organizations is Kansas City-based, Unbound. They partner with families all over the world living in poverty, empowering them to become self-sufficient and fulfill their desired potential. Soleran Cares has been involved with Unbound’s entrepreneurship program. Funds are directed to needy entrepreneurs for items needed to grow their small businesses, ultimately becoming more self-sustaining and boosting the local economy. The entrepreneurs go through a grant process to seek funds for the items needed and develop their business plan.  

Soleran Cares has been able to help six entrepreneurs in 2022! Unbound has graciously shared those entrepreneurs’ stories from the field. We have witnessed firsthand through personal letters the difference these entrepreneurship grants are making in the lives of small business owners and their families. These are the stories of impact from Unbound & Soleran Cares’ partnership in 2022. 

Stories of Impact 

Yamileth’s Story

Yamileth and her family are farmers in rural Costa Rica. For two years, they have worked together as a family to raise chickens and sell eggs. They sell 140 cartons of a dozen eggs and 24 chickens each month. However, they faced difficulties storing the chickens before taking them to the market, as they only had the freezer compartment of their family refrigerator for storage (very limited space). With Soleran Cares’ financial support, they invested in a commercial freezer and purchase more hens, which helped grow their egg-selling business five-fold and double their production to help better provide for their family.

Claudia’s Story

Claudia is a mother of a sponsored child living in an urban center of Costa Rica. She is skilled in apparel design and has four years of experience serving customers in apparel repair and creating her own designs of women's clothing, nightwear, and custom-made sports uniforms. She has to outsource all screen printing, which reduces her profit margins. Soleran Cares’ support of Claudia allowed her to invest in a screen printing press and industrial sewing machines to reduce her production costs and improve the finish of her products.

Luz’s Story

Luz is married and the mother of five children. She works out of her home making handmade MDF wood crafts and personalized wood pieces, such as key chains and cell phone holders. She started her business more than 6 years ago called Iluzion. With Soleran Cares’ support, she will grow her business beyond just a part-time job to better support her family and reach her ambitious business goals. She wants to extend her business outside her area and generate jobs for single mothers and young people in the community.

Silvio’s Story

Silvio, her mother, and two sons operate "Tamales Amparito". Silvio's mother prepares the tamales, while her two sons help with packaging, purchases, and sales. Silvio provides transportation for the business. With Soleran Cares’ help, Silvio has invested in a gas cylinder, grinder, mill, scale, and refrigerator, as well as some raw materials for her tamale business. They have also improved the quality and efficiency of their product. To date, they have delivered 103 tamales. Her business is growing!

Maryory’s Story

Maryory prepares cultural food items for local restaurants such as empanadas, corn cakes, and roasted meats. Many of the cooking implements she uses are deteriorating and slowing her production, risking her not being able to meet the demand for quantity and quality for her clients. Soleran Cares’ investment will help her purchase industrial utensils and larger cooking pots to match her production volume. She anticipates these new implements will allow her to double her volume and maintain quality while improving service to her clients.

Jhonay’s Story

Jhonay has owned a seamstress business, specializing in children's clothing and women's undergarments. She produces about 15 garments per week. Currently, she does all the fabric cutting by hand and must pay third-party vendors for services like steaming and screen printing. With Soleran Cares’ investment in her business, she will purchase a cutting table and machine cutter, which will reduce production time by around 70%. She will also purchase a steamer and printer, which will reduce those costs by up to 80%, increasing her overall profits and allowing her to expand production.

We are excited to see these small business owners progress in their ambitious journeys! We are inspired and spurred on to keep investing in people like those mentioned above. 

You can join our cause to help families get out of poverty by pursuing their small business dreams, ultimately leading to sustainability for them and their local economy. There are so many amazing organizations doing such impactful and intentional work. We have our list of favorite organizations on our Soleran Cares page. Visit and consider giving to one of these organizations this Giving Tuesday!

Soleran Cares & Unbound's partnership in their entrepreneurship program has led to some amazing stories of impact from the field in 2022.

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