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Redesigning, Rebranding, and Reimagining - Soleran 2021 Recap

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With the end of the year right around the corner, I have been reflecting on all of the new and exciting projects Soleran has accomplished over this past year. If 2021 is any indication, we are on a trajectory for an exciting 2022! At Soleran, we believe if you aren’t growing, you’re dying. Cutting-edge innovation is where we live. It has always been a hallmark of our business. This year was no exception. In fact, we blew the roof off our goals and have been sprinting into the next phase of facility compliance. We are really excited about where we are headed and think you will be too! 

Here are some of the highlights of our past year’s accomplishments:

Reimagining & Rebranding of Our Compliance Software

With the constant push for more technology in the healthcare industry, we reimagined and slightly rebranded our current software to not only meet but exceed the demands of facility compliance. We rebranded and reimagined our eMediTrack platform to be even more all-inclusive. We packaged our Healthcare Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) platform to host all the programs a facility director would ever need to efficiently and expertly run the non-clinical side of the hospital. It allows all of our programs to work together and pass information from one program to another. This provides you with one tool to meet all of your facility's needs. One of our hospital partners called it, “A game-changer for facilities.” 

We also implemented our new Compliance Survey Dashboard! This dashboard allows you to see all your regulatory testing in real-time by transitioning from paper binders to electronic storage. Essentially, you can now audit your regulatory testing in a matter of seconds instead of minutes! 

Redesigning Software

We began this year with a redesign of our current software program before pushing into ICM. The redesign or upgrade was critical to ensuring we continue to have the ability to integrate older technology into our current programs. This allowed us to make a transition from an older computer maintenance program to our program with relative ease. The best part is we don’t have to build an entirely new scheduling and task-oriented maintenance system. This is good news for facilities using our products!

New Partnerships

Over the past year, we have been honored to start many new partnerships with a number of different healthcare facilities throughout the nation. Not only did we expand in healthcare facilities, but we also entered the government sector. The product validation we received from the government entities was another big accomplishment. We are excited to see where that partnership takes us!

New Webinars & ASHE CECs

Soleran continued to sponsor the spring and fall webinar series of Facility Compliance Think Tank.  The spring series was technical and built around future facility design. We were able to partner with ASHE as an ASHE Accredited Education Provider in the spring for CECs. Those webinars are still on Soleran’s YouTube page and can be watched for free CECS through early March 2022. We ended the year with survey readiness and regulatory presentations in the fall. We included updates by representatives from the Joint Commission, DNV, and CIHQ. This year’s webinar series had the highest number of attendees and continues to grow! If you haven’t checked out our free webinars, you are definitely missing out on some timely information from a variety of reputable sources. We will be hosting a new series this spring. More details to come on our website.

National Speaking Engagements

This summer, we were invited to present at the National ASHE Annual Conference in Nashville, TN. We were honored to have The Joint Commission and Johnson Controls co-present with us. It was a well-attended presentation, so much so, it became standing room only! We also were invited to co-present on another panel as a subject matter expert relating to compliance, specifically with the Joint Commission. I have also presented at multiple regional ASHE conferences throughout the year on topics from Top 5 ASHE Annual Takeaways to Hospital Accreditation Survey Readiness. We are slated to do even more speaking in the coming year!

Mock Survey Program Expansion

We expanded our mock survey program to the west coast! We added multiple new partners that are already scheduled again for 2022! Our mock survey program assists them in preparing for their future accrediting agency surveys. If you are interested in this service, I recommend you contact us at the first of the year to schedule. Time slots are filling up fast!

New Staff

With this expansion, we added additional staff to meet our clients’ needs. We hired energetic, new staff members who have already proven themselves within the software field. We are excited to see the future of our company blooming and even more clearly defining Soleran’s position as the industry leader in integrated compliance management. 

We are very proud of our newly developed products, partnerships, and expansions this year.  Our facility compliance innovation is reaching new exciting heights!  We can’t wait to see how we evolve and grow with our current and future clients. If you haven’t before, we hope you take a look at Soleran in the new year. We are truly the future of healthcare facility compliance. Happy Holidays, everyone!  See you in 2022!

Highlights of Soleran's new and exciting projects accomplished in 2021!

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