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Is Your Facility’s Software Up To Snuff?

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I am reminded daily that facilities are in a “state of emergency” with their current Preventative Maintenance Program. Most are not able to meet current software requirements and haven’t been updated, also limiting the program. Engineering departments are now required to use programs that not only project future maintenance issues, but also help justify equipment changes and staffing levels. 

During my tenure in facilities, I was subjected to many budget cuts that required me to reduce staff, which created a lean operating environment for many of my departments. Unfortunately today, these issues still remain and many are already operating in a lean manner. They need to maximize efficiency, provide financial projections, and utilize staff hours assigned to perform PMs just to justify how lean they are already operating. It’s a seemingly never ending cycle.

This is where the “state of emergency” comes in. Directors realize their current programs are extremely limited in their capabilities. Many are just asset maintenance programs with a basic scheduler built-in, allowing you to add tasks as needed. This causes problems in today’s engineering world. There is a much stronger demand for data. Historically, we have not kept up in the non-clinical sector. Until now.

New software is out there and designed for the data load required specifically for healthcare facility engineers. For example, Soleran’s Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) and Work Order programs are multi-faceted and approach all aspects needed within a Preventative Maintenance Program. Not only does our program provide asset management, but it also provides financial data, future replacement projections, staff management, compliance management, and survey compliance management. Additionally, it integrates with older and newer software and has updates available to meet current software requirements. You can always be assured you have a fully functional program. 

So...Where do I start?

  • Look at your current program and truly evaluate its abilities. 
  • Find the areas you are inadequate in as a facility. 
  • Make a list of those needs
  • Give us a call! 

We can help upgrade your current system to make your environment as efficient as possible. We promise to bring you out of a “state of emergency” and customize the program to meet your needs. If you haven’t looked at us lately, or not at all, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by what we offer for your current program. It’s time to take control of your facility’s data.

Facilities are in a “state of emergency” with their current PM Programs

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