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Increasing Compliance Proficiency Through Digital Automation

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Now findings can be seen by the manager in real-time and corrected on the spot or on the same day of the finding.” -Brian Schott, Environmental Care Specialist, ASC, HEM at Johns Hopkins Hospital after using digital automation.

We are getting close to the end of our fall “Facility Compliance Think Tank” webinar series. The turnout and feedback have been so outstanding that we are beginning a new spring webinar series! More details to come!

Our fourth topic was “Increasing Compliance Proficiency Through Digital Automation.” I was joined in presenting by Joint Commission Environmental Care Specialist (ASC, HEM), Brian Schott at Johns Hopkins Hospital; Facilities Operations, Joe Hosler at Hurley Medical Center; and Will Walburn at Soleran.

With the increase in EC standards and local and state regulations, the focus on healthcare facilities ’ compliance has led many hospitals to employ individuals specifically to follow and monitor standards. Unfortunately, many hospitals do not have that luxury.  

This webinar explored the positives of increasing your compliance through a digital automation process allowing you to maximize your compliance while minimizing time spent on ensuring standards are met.

Topics Included:

  • Digital automation software platforms available to facility directors.
  • Positives of implementing a digital automation program.
  • How to interface your current paper process with a digital automation platform effortlessly.

In case you missed it, we wanted to give you a chance to watch the recording! Click on the link (https://www.soleran.com/think-tank-webinar-4) to watch “Increasing Compliance Proficiency Through Digital Automation” Feel free to share with your colleagues. We want to be a source of education during the pandemic in the healthcare facility compliance community.

Our next webinar is on Thursday, December 10th at 1 pm CST. We will be discussing “Exploring the Pitfalls of Specializing Trades Within the Engineering Department.” Our speakers will be Director of Engineering, Adam Zorn at Children’s Mercy Hospital-Kansas City; Director of Facilities Engineering, Scott Amburgey at Parkview Health; and Senior Director of Engineering, Clayton Smith at Children’s Health. They will share some of their experiences on how the model has helped or hurt the efficiency within their department.

Our webinars are always free! We would love for you to join us!  Register at www.soleran.com/thinktank.

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