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A Facility Director's Dream: Compliance Survey Dashboard

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Soleran is developing a Compliance Survey Dashboard designed to increase efficiencies for facility directors using our PM program. This is a brand new offering! As a former Joint Commission surveyor, I was asked to help develop this solution. My ex-facility director and surveyor knowledge were heavily drawn on to make this new product as complete and seamless as possible for any facility to use.  It is specific to any healthcare accrediting agency, not just the Joint Commission. Here’s a quick overview and breakdown of how the program specifically helps facilities. 

The Compliance Survey Dashboard is a program that helps you not only transition to 100% electronic documentation but gives you the ability to immediately check where you are in your regulatory testing at the touch of a button. Let’s use EC 02.03.05 EPs as an example. With the dashboard, you will have a 12-month calendar come up with the EC, and all of the EPs listed within that calendar year. A green square under the month listed indicates the testing was completed and the report was uploaded. Additionally, a yellow square indicates that testing is coming up. A red square means the testing was missed or the report hasn’t been uploaded. 

Here are some of the features that make our program cutting-edge.

  1. Our program automatically populates the reports attached to the PM, which eliminates the usual steps of filing the report in another binder. 
  2. The Compliance Survey Dashboard automatically integrates with our current PM program. It will also auto-populate the testing report to whatever building you are doing testing in. 
  3. The PM will not close out until the report is attached, which allows a real-time audit of your regulatory testing schedule. 
  4. All of our programs are cloud-based. This allows access to the dashboard from any internet-based computer. 
  5. During your accreditation agency’s document review, you can work your way down the EPs and click on the green populated square to access the report. Document review becomes electronic and the report is projected onto a conference screen for the surveyor to review. 
  6. Having the ability to auto-populate reports not only increases efficiency and accountability but is also a cost-saving measure since it reduces the amount of labor utilized to file reports.

As a former surveyor, I really feel like the Compliance Survey Dashboard will change the future of electronic documentation. This would have made my surveys so much smoother and saved a ton of time for me and the facility director. Once you play around with the Compliance Survey Dashboard, it will quickly become evident all the ways you can benefit. 

We developed the Compliance Survey Dashboard with the intent of helping healthcare facility directors across the nation. We are really excited about how it has turned out! I encourage you to contact one of our representatives (sales@soleran.com) so we can schedule a demo of the new solution. We’d be happy to provide you with specific examples of how our integrated compliance programs help increase efficiencies and audit your regulatory testing within your facility.  

The Compliance Survey Dashboard is a program that helps you not only transition to 100% electronic documentation but gives you the ability to immediately check where you are in your regulatory testing at the touch of a button.

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