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How to Maintain Healthcare Facilities with Limited Resources

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We are off and rolling with our third of five webinars in our fall series entitled, “Facility Compliance Think Tank.” We have new and tons of repeat attendees every webinar! The feedback about our content and speakers has spurred us on and made us even more excited for the last two installments in the series.

Our third topic was “How to Maintain Healthcare Facilities with Limited Resources.” I was joined in presenting by Jeff Lehmann, President, CHFM, CHEM at Medical Compliance Team; Jason Piper, Administrative Director of Planning Design and Construction at Advent Health; and Damion Schinnerer, AVP BioMed Engineering at Wellstar Health System.

With decreasing Medicare reimbursement rates, facilities/support services departments are constantly being evaluated and asked to reduce costs. As a result, hospitals are being forced to devise new ways to operate with reduced staff.

Topics covered included:

  • Strategies on how facilities are replacing reduced labor.
  • Possibilities of increasing vendors within your facility to meet your needs.
  • Strategies on how to utilize time and preventative maintenance requests to help combat staff reductions.

In case you missed it, we wanted to give you a chance to watch the recording! Click on the link to watch “How to Maintain Healthcare Facilities with Limited Resources” Feel free to share with your colleagues. We want to be a source of education during the pandemic in the healthcare facility compliance community.

Our next webinar is on Thursday, November 12th at 1 pm CST. We will be discussing “Increasing Compliance Proficiency Through Digital Automation.” Our speakers will be Joint Commission Environmental Care Specialist, ASC, HEM, Brian Schott at Johns Hopkins Hospital; Facilities Operations, Joe Hosler at Hurley Medical Center; and Will Walburn of Soleran Inc. and myself. They currently utilize digital automation processes and will share how transitioning to digital has increased efficiency within their department. Our webinars are always free! We would love for you to join us!  Register at www.soleran.com/thinktank.

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