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How Efficient Are Your Rounds?

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In today’s healthcare facilities, rounding has become not only an essential job duty, but at times, has also turned into a disparaging word. Typically it takes a lot of time during the workday to complete. But what if, depending on your facility’s needs, rounding could be a daily process and could include patient rounding as well? What if you could input the info once and it automatically sent an email to the right parties and opened work orders? And then even followed up! Sounds too good to be true, right?

Normally the rounding process is done using a pre-printed form to write down all the information. The form info is inputted manually into a computer program by someone then printed out and placed into a binder. So basically, if you’re breaking down the functions of rounding, you have two separate individuals inputting the SAME information---not efficient.

Now take that second individual’s time inputting the information and multiply their time doing that task over a year’s period and convert it to a labor unit. It will surprise you how much time/money is being spent to complete a task that can be completed once by utilizing an all-inclusive computer program.

This is where Soleran’s rounding program can help. Soleran is the industry leader in providing an automated process that helps minimize your time. Facility leaders in the industry developed our rounding program. It focuses on minimizing and automating all the tasks listed above and combines it into one easy application. With our program, you no longer work from paper. You simply use your tablet to input the information, and it’s automated from that point on. Super simple.

Facility staff aren’t the only ones using Soleran’s rounding program. Healthcare facilities realized the potential of the rounding program and started adjusting their programs to assist clinical rounding as well. Since the application is customized to your needs, facilities started requesting different versions of the program. Now infection control, patient safety, and medication management versions are being used out in the field.

Once an issue is identified and entered on the tablet, the automated program initiates an email to the parties responsible or initiates a work order. The program from that point on automates all the responses and escalates the issues if they are not responded to within your requested timeline. The system continues to follow the assigned issues until it is completed and closed out by emailing or using your work order process.  

Think about all the follow up you normally do writing an email or calling someone to follow up on an open issue. Wouldn’t it be easier to just receive email updates that are sent to you indicating issues were followed up on and completed? AND it would allow you to focus more time on other issues that arise within your workday. All you’d have to do is input the original issue.

Prior to being a Life Safety Code Surveyor, I was a Facility Director for healthcare facilities. I can say without a doubt, this program would have benefited me daily. I encourage you to take some time to look further into our rounding application and see how it can help you. If you have any questions, contact us, and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free demo showing you not only what the program is designed to do, but what we can do to help automate other daily tasks.

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