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Three Hospitals Honored with Soleran Client Excellence Awards

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Kansas City, July 2023 – We are thrilled to announce that three esteemed healthcare institutions have been recognized and awarded the prestigious Soleran Client Excellence Awards for their exceptional use of software in driving facility efficiency, enhancing patient safety, and ensuring regulatory compliance. These hospitals have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch healthcare facility compliance services while leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize operations and improve overall safety & patient outcomes.

The following hospitals were honored for their outstanding achievements:

Children’s Health-Dallas

  • Award Category: Children’s Hospital
  • Accomplishments: Through the implementation of innovative software solutions, Children’s Health has revolutionized facility management processes, reduced operational costs, and streamlined workflows. The hospital has successfully enhanced resource allocation, improved asset tracking, and optimized maintenance schedules, leading to enhanced efficiency and a superior patient experience. The team consistently looks for ways to maximize efficiency with functionality. 

Brigham & Women’s Hospital

  • Award Category: Large-Sized System (2+ million sq.ft.)
  • Accomplishments: Brigham & Women’s Hospital has been recognized for its exemplary use of software by designing a process to complement the automation of Soleran Healthcare’s Permit Manager, creating greater efficiencies and a more compliant system. By integrating sophisticated software systems, the team has streamlined permit management processes throughout the hospital, creating more employee and vendor satisfaction, as well as project management scheduling efficiency and saved resources.

Hurley Medical Center

  • Award Category: Mid-Sized System (Under 2 million sq.ft.)
  • Accomplishments: Hurley Medical Center has been lauded for its commitment to upholding regulatory standards through the integration of robust software solutions. By leveraging advanced compliance management tools, the hospital has streamlined documentation processes, automated audits, and facilitated accurate reporting. These efforts have not only mitigated compliance risks, but also fostered a culture of accountability and transparency within the institution. Using a large number of Soleran products already, the team has gone above and beyond to utilize Soleran tools to their fullest potential, maximizing overall facility efficiency. 

These hospitals serve as exemplars within the healthcare industry, illustrating the transformative power of technology when applied strategically and purposefully. The Soleran Client Excellence Awards celebrate their remarkable achievements and recognize the tireless efforts of their dedicated staff members who have embraced innovation to drive positive change.

"We are delighted to honor these outstanding healthcare institutions for their exceptional use of software in facility efficiency, patient safety, and regulatory compliance," said Will Walburn, Vice President of Sales at Soleran. "These hospitals have demonstrated exceptional dedication to delivering high-quality care, leveraging software solutions to enhance operational efficiency, safeguard patient well-being, and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines. Their achievements are a testament to the transformative impact of technology in facility healthcare compliance."

The Client Excellence Awards not only highlight the outstanding accomplishments of these hospitals but also serve as a source of inspiration for other healthcare facility teams striving for excellence in this field.

*For more information about the Soleran Client Excellence Awards and the exceptional achievements of these hospitals, please contact: marketing@soleran.com.

About Soleran Inc.: Dedicated to developing intuitive, enterprising applications that save customers time, money, and countless lives through improved, streamlined compliance since 2004. Soleran now leads the healthcare industry with the market's only comprehensive integrated compliance management system. www.soleran.com

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