Increasing Compliance Proficiency Through Digital Automation

With the increase in EC standards and local and state regulations, the focus on healthcare facilities’ compliance has led many hospitals to employ individuals specifically to follow and monitor standards. Unfortunately, many hospitals do not have that luxury.

This webinar explores the positives of increasing your compliance through a digital automation process allowing you to maximize your compliance while minimizing time spent on ensuring standards are met. Join veteran Joint Commission Surveyor & Director of Life Safety Compliance, Lance Woolf at Soleran; Joint Commission Environmental Care Specialist, Brian Schott at Johns Hopkins Hospital; Facilities Operations, Joe Hosler at Hurley Medical Center; and Will Walburn at Soleran who currently utilize digital automation processes and will share how transitioning to digital has increased efficiency within their department.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Digital automation software platforms available to facility directors.
  • Positives of implementing a digital automation program.
  • How to interface your current paper process with a digital automation platform effortlessly.

Presenters: Lance Woolf, Brian Schott, Joe Hosler, and Will Walburn

Industry Partner: Soleran Inc.

Lance Woolf-MBA, CHSP
Director of Life Safety Compliance
(Former Joint Commission Surveyor)
Soleran Inc.
Brian Schott - ASC, HEM
Joint Commission Environmental Care Specialist
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Joe Hosler
Facilities Operations
Hurley Medical Center
Will Walburn
VP of Business Development
Soleran Inc.

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