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Soleran Healthcare ICM

Soleran is the leading provider of facilities compliance management with the only integrated cloud-based platform for healthcare. Soleran’s comprehensive platform utilizes consulting and software solutions to streamline compliance, processes, and analytics leading to greater efficiencies and a safer environment. With six suites of applications, there is no process you can't simplify.

Soleran's Healthcare Suites

Soleran's Healthcare ICM is your complete package of solutions to keep your entire facility up to code and running like a top. The Healthcare ICM is made up of six suites rounding out all facility compliance facets. Soleran's suites are uniquely designed for the healthcare environment and built with facility director's input. The suites include Work Orders, Rounding, Vendor Manager, Permit Manager, Project Manager, and Security Manager.

Work Orders

Automate Your Process

The most robust and customizable application in healthcare. Take complete control of your tasks, inspections, corrective and preventative maintenance, and planned events with automation. Along with the traditional functions of a CMMS, like:

  • Web, mobile, and portal-based work order requests
  • Scheduling asset maintenance and events
  • Attaching documents and photos
  • Documenting complex or simple risk scoring methodologies
  • Associate Standards, manufacturer/model, and literally any other info about an asset you need
  • Robust native app for your mobile devices to keep techs moving 

You’ll also be able to:

  • Control at a granular level what permissions to data, fields, and functions any role has
  • Automate contract renewals and labor time
  • Auto-assign work orders by type, classification, area, or any other factor
  • Mass update anything you want in the system (schedules, assignments, etc…)
  • Completely built-in AEM program
  • Reporting on any work order, asset, maintenance, labor, and much more
  • Use limitless analytics to improve efficiency
  • Write on any map of any area/floor plan

Once a work order is submitted, tickets and notifications will route automatically to the appropriate party. We will also handle reminders and escalations to make sure to close the loop in an efficient manner.

In short, Soleran’s Work Order Suite is the most comprehensive available in the industry.  Unlike other systems that were designed for one purpose then “bolt-on” a work order solution, Soleran’s Work Order Suite was designed from the ground up by facility directors and surveyors to provide the most comprehensive and compliance-centric solution for healthcare facilities.

The Work Orders Suite includes 9 applications.


When You're Done, You're Done!

When you complete a round, there is no more work to complete. Soleran’s Rounding Suite will handle the rest based on your workflow. All of the data you collected will instantly be available to other users and deficiency notifications and tasks will be sent automatically. Soleran’s Rounding Suite helps you manage every aspect of your physical environment tour process from documentation to closing the loop.

Never think about when a certain round is due again with Soleran’s Rounding Suite.  It will keep track of your schedules and allow you to create a one-off tracer as needed.  Scheduling the rounds is quick and easy for new tracers.

Closing the loop is easy to do with a simple closeout form.  Just a few fields notify all parties what work was done to close out the deficiency.  It’s easy to complete because we know your department already has enough on their plate.  Not to worry if your department manager forgets to close out a deficiency too, we’ll keep reminding them until it’s complete.  You can also create escalation paths to notify their boss in case they need some assistance closing out deficiencies. 

The Chemical Inventory Manager allows your departments to self report on what chemicals they are using in each area and for what purpose.  Have the latest information on hand and at your fingertips when the next emergency strikes.

All of Soleran’s rounding tools are designed to take the administrative burden off and let the system automate all of that for you.

The Rounding Suite includes 5 applications.

Key Features:

  • Manage scheduling of rounds, anti-ligature assessments
  • Automatically route deficiencies
  • Custom dashboards to support eoc process improvement
  • Easy management of hospital wide tracer program
  • Our tracer library has over 100 tracers-free to use and you can easily create your own

Vendor Manager

No More Wasted Time

Soleran’s Vendor Manager Suite is the complete tool for managing communication with your vendors and contractors. Allows contractors to submit, rework and print any permit off-site. You can also submit credentials and complete safety trainings. 

Credentialing ties to the Permit Manager Suite to ensure your vendors have the right credentials to complete the work they are bidding on or scheduled to complete.  The system can automate expirations of qualifications and automatically walk them through renewals.

This means no more wasted time or money for contractors sitting around waiting for approval or completing forms. They can sign in and begin work immediately because you’ll know they are qualified and approved to complete the job.


The Vendor Manager Suite includes 5 applications.

Key Features:

  • Manage Permit approvals off-site
  • Easy management of credentials
  • Simple and effective training solutions
  • Tracks and maintains all vendors and tests in your hospital

Permit Manager

Workflows to Make Your Life Easier

Soleran’s Permit Manager Suite is the complete tool for managing your permit request and approval process both internally and with your vendors. The Permit Manager Suite’s flexible workflows allow you to streamline the permit approval process. Contractors can now submit, edit and print permits off-site and show up ready to work!

Let Soleran’s Permit Manager Suite work for you by automating the approval process.  Save lots of time by letting your vendors apply for permits remotely and come ready to work with an approved permit in hand.  No need to check-in, just get your required work completed and notify when the permit is completed and closed.

Permitting ties to all the other Soleran ICM processes for less required data entry.  Automate workflow processes to keep your projects moving forward efficiently.

The Permit Manager Suite includes 7 applications.

Key Features:

  • Submit permit requests off-site
  • Manage approval process from anywhere
  • Custom dashboards to support process improvement
  • Complete management of “hot work”, “lock out/tag out”, above ceiling, confined space permits and much more.
  • Simple vendor contact information management
  • Streamlined permit process management
  • Easier completion of ICRA assessments

Project Manager

From Start to Finish

Soleran’s Project Risk Manager Suite helps you manage every step of your project management process from start to finish. Use the construction manager to create projects, enter milestones/tasks, and then complete them through invoice and P.O.

Utilize the PCRA, ICRA, and ILSM of the project risk solution to determine risk for any project and manage it with daily monitors through the completion of the project.

The Life Safety Drawing Manager allows you to upload all of your life safety drawings in one complete and searchable database.  You can easily update drawings as they are refreshed over the years and can even use the LS Drawing Manager to place assets on the drawings and “mark them up” with notes, annotations, drawing marks or more.  It’s easy to invite someone else to view a drawing with you and mark-up the drawing together as needed to complete the submittal or on-site construction request.

The Project Manager Suite includes 5 applications.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined project planning
  • Easy electronic approval and assessments
  • Generated reports and documentation
  • Assess your hospitals project risk
  • Automatically generate ILSMs and route deficiencies
  • Custom dashboards to support process improvement

Security Manager

Complete Incident Tracking

Soleran’s Security Manager Suite helps your security team manage their cases, assess risk and vulnerabilities, manage incident responses, track officer rounding, and even includes a complete system to manage and stay on top of your required fire drills.

A Security Vulnerability Assessment enhances your hospital’s security awareness by assessing risk and the execution of risk mitigation to minimize security risks in your hospital.  Use automated reminders to keep the project team in the loop and not let anything fall through the cracks.  Even the smallest exposure can be costly to the organization, let Soleran’s Security Manager Suite help keep you on top of your risks.

Track incidents and subsequent security cases by their priority by color-coded type, log, and reporting. Your officers can be notified and easily respond to any incident with ease.  Keep track of every incident using the officer’s narrative to manage security incidents.

Keeping track of your fire drills can be a time-consuming task.  Maintaining your fire drill schedule of once per shift per quarter per department, all at different times, is a near-impossible task without the automated assistance of Soleran’s Fire Drill Manager.

Helps officers cover the correct rounding patterns with the assistance of Soleran’s Officer Rounding tools.  Officers can scan QR codes at each checkpoint during their rounds for quick and easy logging of their daily rounding.

The Security Manager Suite includes 4 applications.

Key Features:

  • Manage officer rounds with ease
  • Track incidents and cases in your hospital
  • Automatically route incident notifications
  • Custom dashboards and reports to support process improvement
  • Mobile Incident Reporting
  • Officer Checkpoint Logging
  • Incident Log - Administrators and dispatchers receive instant access to detailed incident reports