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Soleran emeditrack is the most flexible and customizable platform in healthcare. Investing in a flexible platform allows you to customize your checklists, inspections, users and can match your custom workflow. Notify who you want, when you want to, and automate workflows the way that best matches your processes.

The EC Tours comprehensively tracks and automates every part of the environmental tours process, starting with automated scheduling for all patient care and non-patient care areas. EC Tours will send automated reminder notifications to all responsible parties about upcoming physical environment tours.

Tours are then documented electronically using any off-the-shelf smartphone or tablet, allowing you and your multi-disciplinary team to photo document any found issues. You can create multiple categories and checklists, and modify the questions database at anytime. Once the tour is completed, all responsible parties will receive an email notification about identified deficiencies and corrective action deadlines. That means no spreadsheet dual entry and no manual emails.

From there, responsible parties can document all corrective actions, making it easy and efficient to close the loop. In the event that deficiencies are not closed on time, automatic escalation notifications are sent for accountability purposes.


Improve process efficiency and guarantee documentation and accreditation readiness.

Implement changes that result in fewer deficiencies, faster turnaround time and improved accountability across the organization.

Cut associated labor hours and costs in half.

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