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We plan to expand to more apps with Soleran! I like that you do everything in real time. Now you hit done and it goes to a manager. You can start and finish (tasks) in the field. It has been a game changer!

-Johns Hopkins Hospital


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Soleran emeditrack provides industry leading solutions for improving and automating accreditation readiness for the physical environment and life safety. With our suite of 100+ a la carte applications, there is no process you can't simplify.



Soleran emeditrack is the only cloud based platform designed specifically for managing your hospital’s physical environment. Built and designed by life safety consultants, hospital facility managers and safety officers, and experts in Joint Commission, DNV and HFAP codes. emeditrack is your partner in managing your patient safety and facility compliance expertly and efficiently.

In an environment dictated by efficiency, managing your physical environment shouldn't be hard. Using pen and paper for compliance is a thing of the past. With over 100 solutions built specifically to automate your processes, we help you close the loop.


Unlimited users. Unlimited data & cloud storage.



We aren't just a software provider, but instead take it a step further to help you uncover the hidden root causes preventing you from realizing the full potential of process improvement. Our focus isn't just about getting it done, but how to get it done better.


We believe we'll have fewer deficiencies for The Joint Commission! It's made the hospital safer. It used to take days to gather info for JC, now it takes seconds to find the date, locations and status!

-Texas Children's Hospital

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Our facilities partners typically start with a goal of simplifying their tracking process. They quickly realize that the ability to track performance in real time leads to better, usable data, that helps them promote a safer physical environment. With access to solutions from Rounding to Work orders they can have every angle covered.

Infection Control

From hand hygiene Tracers to Infection Control Risk Assessments, your infection prevention team can navigate their daily tasks and collaborate with other team members and departments on any mobile device.


The Safety and Security teams that entrust their processes to emeditrack see a drastic improvement in communication and efficiency in their daily activities. Whether they are completing Rounds, Fire Drills or dealing with visitors, we provide the best tools to automate and simplify your processes.


We make it easy to track all of your facilities assets through our desktop and mobile applications. No matter how you access our platform, it is simple to pull up a historical asset record and complete any upcoming tasks.


Keeping track of Purchase Orders, Inventory and on-going projects simply isn't possible with spreadsheets or paperwork. Soleran emeditrack makes this process simple, we can integrate with platforms you are already using to provide one location to access all of your data.

Risk Management

In a continuously changing environment for risk managers it is vital to stay current on new regulations. Soleran emeditrack provides you with the tools built for your Emergency Management teams that will adapt to any changes that your accrediting body can throw at you.

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