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Sales Force Automation (SFA) is the basic step for any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy. eAgTrack automate all your sales pipelines and equip your sales team with state-of-art tools. SFA through eAgTrack ensures that your sales team is always connected to you even when they are ‘far far away’.

Why Soleran?

Streamline your workflow

Cloud-based analytics tools offer you detailed analytics in real-time. Instant information may be just the edge you need to spot a trend, correct a problem, or identify pretty much anything.

Team of workers gathered around blueprint on tableA woman diligently looking at her Soleran dashboard on her computer while writing down information.

Soleran eSalesTrack

Created with input from successful salespeople, eSalesTrack is a CRM system that's so easy you'll actually use it. This web-based CRM comes with power-packed tools to help your company stay ahead and scale.

360 degree views of customers

Full integration with your current office software

Multiple tools create a positive ROI

A laptop with person holding a clipboard with graphs displayed on papers.eSalesTrack icon

Manage multiple processes under one roof

  • Sales force & marketing automation

  • Campaign & customer service management

  • Enterprise document management

  • Sales/marketing analytics

Automate tasks from anywhere, at anytime

  • Accessibility from anywhere at any time

  • Cloud-based computing

  • Automate tasks including scheduling meetings, customer follow up, and sales report generation

Soleran eAppTrack

Cloud-based analytics that put the power of Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) in the hands of non-developers. The eAppTrack platform is the backbone of eSalesTrack, seamlessly working together to simplify and manage your team's processes.

360 degree views of customers

Full integration with your current office software

Develop solutions that meet business requirements without using code.

A team of workers gathered around whiteboard getting instruction from manager as he points to the displayeAppTrack Icon

Improve performance

  • Create forms, reports, and dashboards

  • Cloud-based computing

  • Real-time reports & analytics

  • Eliminate multiple emails and spreadsheets

One solution, endless possibilities

  • Equipment inspections

  • Employee work logs

  • Fleet management

  • Inventory management

Why Use Soleran?

Industries using Soleran business solutions

Farmer plowing crops in a field


Our Agriculture partners use eAppTrack to simplify their most complex daily processes. From client relationship management to equipment inspections our goal is to take work off your plate.

Construction building


Regardless of which department you work in, we can help! With a full suite of solutions from equipment inspections to logging employee time, we will eliminate wasted time spent on spreadsheets and email.

Hands pointing to graph on papers laid out on table next to laptop


Keeping track of purchase orders, inventory, and ongoing projects simply aren't possible with spreadsheets or paperwork. Soleran's eAppTrack makes this process simple.

Store shelves with cans and boxes

Food & beverage

Spreadsheets and paperwork are just not productive day-to-day in the food and beverage industry. Our solutions will not only streamline inventory management but compile data from your whole team.

Semi truck driving on road with mountains in the background


Whether you are a fleet or an owner-operator, we can help you just focus on the road. Our solutions can help with fleet tracking, mileage, or inspections.

Man on the phone looking at his papers laid out on the table


Soleran's eAppTrack platform has been the backbone of Soleran's eSalesTrack, one of the longest-running CRM platforms on the market. Our apps will help simplify your sales cycle.

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

“When I leave the unit, I’m done. There is really nothing else you need to do. Time saved is at least 20 hours a week just doing reports.”

Johns Hopkins Hospital

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

"We believe we'll have fewer deficiencies for The Joint Commission! It's made the hospital safer. It used to take days to gather info for JC, now it takes seconds to find the date, locations and status!"

Texas Children's Hospital

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

"Now findings can be seen by the manager in real-time and corrected on the spot or on the same day of the finding."

Johns Hopkins Hospital

How hospitals & businesses reimagine compliance

"The idea is to do proactive maintenance instead of reactive. It wasn't possible before Soleran to the degree we needed."

Hurley Medical Center

Ready to reimagine your compliance?

Save time & resources with Soleran Integrated Compliance Management.

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