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Updates to Emergency Preparedness Standards

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With the recent events of COVID-19, accreditation agencies have already stated there will be changes with the standards in 2021, but have not specifically identified what they will be.

Here are some of the changes on the horizon that are quickly becoming talking points, specifically from The Joint Commission.

  1. PPE – This is still at the forefront of emergency preparedness changes. Obviously, this area will be an increase in par levels and possibly specific wording in contracts.
  1. Phycological Support – One of the areas immediately identified by The Joint Commission was the increased need for evaluating the mental status of healthcare workers. This trended as a common theme nationwide in all healthcare centers.
  1. Focus on After Action Report – There will be an increased focus on your After-Action Report for COVID-19. Surveyors will ensure that you are meeting the guidelines and overall design of the report to identify areas of improvement. Keep in mind, this will be common across the majority of organizations, so surveyors will be well-versed.
  1. EM Sessions – The Emergency Management Session will become much more intrusive to ensure a proper evaluation is done.
  1. Discussion on Space Modifications – Focus will increase on space modifications and the process for returning space to the original design. Additionally, virtual possibilities will be explored to see your preparation for future emergencies.

These changes still off in the distance but already being talked about by The Joint Commission. My suggestion is to go ahead and start focusing on these areas to keep from being overwhelmed when the new standards are released. The projection for the new standards is 2022. If you have any questions, I am always happy to answer at https://resources.soleran.com/thinktank.

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