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New Water Management Standards & What They Mean

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New standards in water management are raising a lot of questions, specifically related to hospital facilities that are attached to a medical office building (MOB).  In the past, water management program schematics were only needed to identify the areas that were within the licensed hospital. Since January 1st, 2022, the schematic must extend beyond the boundaries of the licensed hospital if both buildings share the same water system. 

If you haven’t already, call your vendor and work with your internal water management team to work through this extension. Many hospitals will have the problem of working with contracted vendors (including contracted engineering) that are responsible for the MOB building and need to ensure they are a part of the process to minimize any possible water management issues in the future. 

If you are in a contractor situation, my suggestion is to add them to your water management team to ensure they have more accountability when work is performed within the MOB area. Additionally, this gives them direct insight into the stringent standards within the healthcare facility world. As many of you have experienced in the past, outside vendors that are not familiar with the standards have become problems areas during a survey. So take this chance to mitigate any issues prior to them arising. 

Soleran can help you manage your current water management program as well. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or our sales team to assist you with any internal needs. Soleran has worked directly with vendors to educate them on standards and how essential it is they are followed. 

In fact, we are diving even further into the new water management and emergency management standards in an upcoming webinar on May 13th. If you are interested in attending the free webinar register at: Facility Compliance Think Tank webinars.

New Water Management Standards & What They Mean

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