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COVID-19 and the Importance of Understanding Air Pressures Within Your Facility

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Last Thursday, we launched our inaugural webinar in our new series entitled, “Facility Compliance Think Tank.” It was a huge success! The topic was “COVID-19 and the Importance of Air Pressures Within Your Facility.” I was joined in presenting by Epidemiologist/Infection Control RN at Carson Tahoe Medical Center, Maureen Aldrich; Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Tony Van Dyke at Thomas Jefferson University & Hospital; and Co-Founder of Facility Health Inc, Brian Crum.  

In the COVID-19 pandemic, pinpointing positive and negative air pressures within a healthcare facility is crucial. Air pressures will be a hot topic of discussion on your next Joint Commission/accreditation survey. Prepare your facility by educating yourself.

Topics covered included:

  • Evaluating your current air pressure program to determine compliance.
  • Expanding your current air pressure program to prepare for future changes.
  • Identifying areas directly related to airborne diseases to reduce exposure to patients and staff during pandemics.
  • The expanding role of emergency management during COVID-19
  • Changes in the Joint Commission survey process

In case you missed it, we wanted to give you a chance to watch the recording! Click on the link to watch “COVID-19 and the Importance of Air Pressures Within Your Facility.” Feel free to share with your colleagues. Our hope is to be a source of education during the pandemic in the healthcare facility compliance community.

Our upcoming webinar is slated for Thursday, October 15th at 1 pm CST. We will be discussing “Possible Changes in Emergency Preparedness.” Our speakers will be Emergency Management Director, Gene Mellin with Johns Hopkins Medicine at Howard County General Hospital; EOC and Disaster Coordinator, Kawika Feltman at Antelope Valley Healthcare District; Director of Security, Safety & Communication Services, Robert Loseman at University of Missouri Health System and myself. Our webinars are always free! We would love for you to join us!  Register at www.soleran.com/thinktank.

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