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2023 CIHQ Summit Takeaways

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The 2023 Annual CIHQ Accreditation and Regulatory Summit occurred the week of September 25th in Allen, TX. There was a record setting attendance of more than 300 participants! The week started off with the three HACP (Healthcare Accreditation Certified Professional) training courses. The three HACP certification courses consist of the HACP-CMS, the HACP-PE (Physical Environment), and the first ever HACP-IC (Infection Control). We are pleased to announce that there are 114 new HACP certified professionals (CMS – 59; PE – 23; IC – 32). 

The first day of the summit started off with the CEO of CIHQ presenting the State of the Union. Attendees were presented with the latest in the accreditation and certification arena. Information was provided about the annual report to Congress, the return of the validation process, and much more. The day ended with additional presentations regarding cybersecurity – threats and mitigation strategies, as well as information around medicare fraud and abuse issues.

An additional day was added to this year’s Summit, as CIHQ introduced day two with multiple breakout sessions. The topics included the following:

  • The CMS Survey & Certification Process – The Basics
  • NFPA Life Safety Code – Temporary Life Safety Measures (TLSM), Waivers, and Equivalencies
  • Waterborne Pathogen Management Program
  • Medical Staff – Credentialing, Privileging, and More
  • Active Shooter – Preparing for the Unthinkable
  • Hot Buttons in Sterilization and Disinfection
  • Immediate Jeopardy – Identification and Response
  • CMS’ Orphan Standard – Explanted Medical Device Warranty Credit Tracking and Reporting
  • Sterile Compounding – Complying to USP 797/800
  • How to Write a Plan of Correction
  • Top Issues in Emergency Preparedness
  • Opioid Stewardship – A Quality of Care Imperative
  • Integrated Health Systems – Challenges with the COP’s
  • Electronic Medical Records – Praise and Pillory
  • Basics of Survey Preparation
  • Hospital Investigations – It’s Not Just Accreditation
  • Medicare Interoperability Requirements
  • How to Interact with Surveyors – Tips for Success
  • Fostering Accountability Throughout Your Organization
  • Basics of the Prospective Payment System
  • Rounding as a Survey Management Tool

The final day consisted of three additional presentations: Telehealth, Hospitals at Home (The Future is Here), and Less Stress … More Success! David Glickman, comedian who brought back the fun and laughter to healthcare, closed out the conference with Less Stress … More Success! 

Finally, but not least, there were more than 40 vendors that were present to provide tools and services to help make the healthcare professionals lives better. We could not have done this without them!

Next year will be the 25th anniversary celebration of CIHQ. The 2024 CIHQ Summit will be held in San Antonio the week of September 23rd. Come and celebrate this momentous occasion with us! We look forward to seeing you there!

2023 CIHQ Summit takeaways and gleanings

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