Integrated Compliance Management

Soleran's ICM

What is ICM?

Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) is an operations platform designed specifically for regulatory facility compliance. ICM’s are generally comprised of multiple solutions designed to work seamlessly within one platform. By utilizing a shared structure, an organization can reap the benefits of increased efficiencies and decreased overall system cost. By combining one solution that performs multiple functions the organization can provide more robust reporting, and the clarity that transparent and highly accurate data provides.

Who is ICM for?

An Integrated Compliance Management (ICM) system is for any business or organization, large or small, needing to manage multiple facets of regulatory compliance under one umbrella.

Why does ICM matter?

The next wave of the industrial revolution is technology and it’s now. Companies all over the globe are pivoting to technology for automation of their data and processes. Up-to-the-minute information creates better time and cost-efficiency, and in the case of ICM, even saves lives through compliance.

An ICM creates systemized control over your data for your entire environment. From automated workflows to asset management to instant reporting, your team knows your environment’s status in real-time, anytime. Work is validated in the moment with the push of a button.

ICM causes you to be proactive, not reactive. An Integrated Compliance Management system covers each area of the environment for ultimate efficiency. You’ll never be caught off guard again.

Your data, and what it can tell you, are critical to your business. When you let an ICM work for you, your employees become more productive. The integrated digital revolution is here. Don’t get left behind, it’s time to take control.