It is time for you to take advantage of the new technologies to improve your company and get ahead of the competition. Documenting and tracking all components of a project is a daunting task especially when trying to keep up with new regulations and keeping a solid audit trail. Therefore it is no surprise why construction companies have been hesitant to implement a software solution into their business.

KPMG did a recent survey noting that many construction companies are missing out on the benefits of using technology in their business and the analytics that come along with it. Here are KPMG’s key findings that you need to be considering in your plans this year (read the complete survey to learn more: Building a technology advantage):

• Construction industry is behind on adopting technology
• Volume of data is increasing dramatically
• Real-time reporting is lacking
• Mobile technology has more to offer
• Mastering project management basics has yet to be achieved

By taking a leap of faith and implementing a platform as a service (PaaS) solution, you can transform your business and embrace the benefits of technology today. This type of a solution can increase productivity and reduce your operating costs. You will be able to customize your own workflows, automate standard processes and notifications. Your entire team can stay on the same page with electronic documentation that is stored in the cloud so they can even access data from their mobile devices on the job site. Best yet, with the data you gather, you will be able to prepare advanced reports and measure performance across many activities. Such a solution can help you build that technology advantage your competitors have yet to embrace.

To take the first step to adopting a new solution, consider the processes within your organization that are: a heavy administrative burden, require mobile access, could benefit from automation and demand electronic documentation.

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